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Take Me To School: A School Journal for Young Explorers // by Mary Richards // £9.95 UK // softback, with flaps // ISBN – 978-1-9164745-2-9 // 203 x 158 mm //  96pp


"Journals, scrapbooks and activity books rolled into one, and so beautifully designed.” 

--The Little Literary Society 


"Occasionally a product comes along that you LOVE and it's made all the more impressive because it's produced by a teeny tiny indie publisher who have knocked it out of the park with concept, design and production.“ 

--Smallprint Books, London 




Take Me To School

  • With its cool design, fun illustrations and handy size to pop in a schoolbag, Take Me To School helps children record time at school, engage with friends and remember favourite moments forever! This innovative, interactive journal is divided into five 'adventure' chapters.

    Children can start a new adventure at any point in the school term. Each chapter is divided into themes that encourage them to think carefully about their surroundings and look at their everyday school environment with fresh eyes. With a 'thoughts and feelings' section in every chapter, the book encourages positive thinking and a growth mindset.

    The book is also brimming with interesting facts about schools throughout history and around the world.


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