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Take Me To Museums: The Young Explorer's Guide to Every Museum in the World // by Mary Richards // £9.95 UK // softback, with flaps // ISBN 978-1-9164745-0-5 // 203 x 158 mm // 96pp


"This gorgeous series makes a perfect gift for creative children.”
--Frances Morris, Director, Tate Modern


"Visits to museums and galleries are life enhancing at any age, and ‘Take To Museums’ shows that it’s easy to start young!"
--Nancy Ireson, Deputy Director for Collections and Exhibitions and Gund Family Chief Curator of the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

Take Me To Museums

  • Make every museum trip a new adventure!


    Take Me To Museums is the first in an exciting new series of guided journals for children aged 7-12. With its stylish design, zingy illustrations and handy size to pop in a bag, it's a must-have accompaniment to every museum or gallery visit. Filled with activities that will guide them around any museum or gallery, anywhere in the world, it also serves as a fantastic record of every museum trip.


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