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Take Me Outdoors: A Nature Journal for Young Explorers // by Mary Richards // £9.95 UK // softback, with flaps // ISBN – 978-1-9164745-3-6 // 203 x 158 mm //  96pp


SILVER, Best Designed/Illustrated Book For Children, Junior Design Awards, 2021


--"A book to make going outside an inspiring adventure. It really should make young people see and think differently about the natural world around them, and packs in a great deal of information and stimulation.” 

Andrea Reece, LoveReading4Kids




Take Me Outdoors

  • Packed full of facts, exciting activities and gorgeous illustrations, Take Me Outdoors is the perfect book to encourage children to get outside and explore the natural world around them, and a great keepsake to record all of their adventures. 

    Each of the five chapters helps children to engage with their surroundings, from their own back garden or local park, to a beach, forest or lakeside. As they complete lists, draw pictures and answer questions, they will be thinking carefully about the environment and nature as they experience it – what they can see, hear and feel, and how they can look after it. 

    Bursting with details about our planet and the creatures that inhabit it, the explorers who have shaped our understanding of it, and the artists, writers and musicians who have been inspired by it, this book is a must for children curious about the incredible world they live in. 

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