Take Me To Museums: The Young Explorer's Guide to Every Museum in the World // by Mary Richards // £8.95 UK // softback, with flaps // ISBN 978-1-9164745-0-5 // 203 x 158 mm // 96pp


Take Me On Holiday: The Young Explorer's Guide to Every Holiday in the World // by Mary Richards // £8.95 UK // softback, with flaps // ISBN – 978-1-9164745-1-2 // 203 x 158 mm //  96pp



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  • Make every museum trip a new adventure!

    Take Me To Museums is the first in an exciting new series of guided journals for children aged 7-12. With its stylish design, zingy illustrations and handy size to pop in a bag, it's a must-have accompaniment to every museum or gallery visit. Filled with activities that will guide them around any museum or gallery, anywhere in the world, it also serves as a fantastic record of every museum trip.


    Take me on holiday is an interactive book divided into five 'adventure' chapters. Children start a new adventure at the beginning of each holiday. Within each chapter, there's space for them to plan and research their trip, document the journey and record memorable days out. As they complete lists, draw pictures and answer questions they'll discover more about the places they're visiting – and learn a little more about themselves, too.


    Quirky, easy to navigate and brimming with interesting holiday facts, this book is a must-have for any trip – don't leave home without it!

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